-Singer, Songwriter-

Born in Harbin , Heilongjiang , Northeast China in 1943 to Japanese parents, Tokiko Kato was a student at Tokyo University when she won the first prize in the Amateur Chanson Contest, which launched her singing career.

The following year, in 1966, she won the best new talent award in the Japan Record Grand Prix with her song A Red Balloon(赤い風船 ) .
1969 found her catapulted to stardom with the best artist award in the same show with Lullaby For a Lonely Night (ひとり寝の子守唄), followed by the same award in 1971 with Shiretoko Sentimental Trip(知床旅情).

Over the years she has written many great hits such as Love Life(愛のくらし) ('71), The Gray Eyes(灰色の瞳) ('74), An Old-Fashioned Bar(時代おくれの酒場) ('77), If I Could Fly (この空を飛べたら) ('78),No Regrets for My Life(わが人生に悔いなし) ('87), Million Roses(百万本のバラ) ('87), A Wrecked Ship(難破船) ('87), The River Flows(川は流れる) ('93).

In addition, she has successfully covered other Asian and European hits in her own style.

She gives nearly 60 concerts annually locally and in many other countries, including:
U.S.S.R. ('68), China ('81, '95), U.S.A. ('87, '88, '90, '97, '02, '04), France ('89, '92, '95), Belgium ('89), Russia ('92, '00), Egypt ('94), Austria ('95), Bulgaria ('95), Brazil ('98), Czech Republic ('95), Vietnam ('99, '00), Canada ('88, '02), Turkey ('02), and Cuba ('04).

In recent years, she is branching out and attracting diverse music audiences. Among the most notable partnerships are with such artists as Gospellers, The Boom, and Begin. She participated in Fuji Rock Festival in 2006 and ap Bank Fes in 2007, both of which are annual concerts very popular with younger music fans.

Off stage, she is lending her celebrity to many social causes. In 1998, she became Councilor for WWF (Worldwide Fund) JAPAN and in 2000, the Ministry of the Environment appointed her as a special envoy for UNEP (United Nations Environment Program).

She has visited countries addressing environmental issues, such as:
Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia ('01), South Korea, Bali ('02), Johannesburg for WSSD (World Summit on Sustainable Development) ('02), Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan ('03), Fiji ,Tonga ('03), India, China ('04), Thailand,Sri Lanka ('05), Malaysia, Borneo ('06), Vietnam ('07), Australia ('08), Tuvalu ('09), Bangladesh, and Nepal ('11).

Although mainly a singer, she is also known as an actress and a writer. Her hobbies include pottery and Japanese calligraphy, in which she excels, and she has had exhibits of her work all over Japan .